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PerperikonThe sacred rock town of the Thracians, located on top a low hill near the village of Gorna Krepost, 15 km northeast of Kurdzhali. The discoveries and the results of the continuing comprehensive investigations of the rocks of Perperikon and the region are among the sensational archaeological developments during the past few years. Investigations have shown that the rocks of Perperikon had been worshipped by ancient people as far back as during the late Neolithic Age (end of the 6th and early 5th millennium B.C.), while life on the hill continued until the end of the 14th century. Large parts have been unearthed of the palace and sanctuary, of the fortress wall and of the colonnade of the Acropolis, the monastery compound and other sites. Noteworthy are the ancient round altar of the temple of Dionysus, the rock passage leading to the palace, the crypt with the uncovered sarcophaguses, the huge water reservoir, the ancient graffiti drawings. Until a few years ago, Perperikon was considered only to be part of the system of medieval fortresses. Rising on the hill to this day are the restored fortress tower from the strong medieval fortress of Perperikon, which acquired major importance during the 12th-14th century, when Achridos, the new administrative unit, was established. The Byzantine name of Perperikon was Hyperperakion, soon contracted by its contemporaries. In 1339 Perperikon was already a rich centre of a bishopric. The wealth of Perperikon was the cause of frequent clashes between Bulgaria and Byzantium. Among the finds, unearthed here, and including pottery, coins and everyday life objects, of particular interest are the extremely rare for this region silver coins of Tsar Ivan Alexander, registering his rule over Perperikon.


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