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The Deaf StonesThe “ Deaf Stones” cult site is situated by the village of “Gradishte” in the eastern Rodopi Mountain. This is a megalith cult monument, connected with the worships of the rocks. Here can be seen strange bays, ritual staircases, tombs and signs carved on the rocks. The cult site “Deaf Stones” represents an isolated 10-meter high rock, and number of smaller ones. On different places and heights on the rock are engraved the so called rock bays – one of the phenomenon of the ancient Thracian culture, which have been examined for 10-ns of years, but still very little is revealed. Here again can be seen one ritual staircase with two rays separated by a platform, after which the staircase changes its direction. The staircase has 33 steps, as at the 19-th step is the above-mentioned platform. The whole staircase reaches the height of 7,59 m. On the top of the megalith to which leads a ritual staircase is dug in the rock a quadrangular room 3 x3m. It is open in the front and backsides, the left and right sides are elevated high above the terrain. It is not yet known whether this room was a tomb or it was used for something else. In the base of the staircase to the left is one tomb. It has an opening 0,70 m wide through which the tomb is entered. The tomb camera is quadrangular with a length of 2 m, width – 2,80m and height – 1,80m. The second tomb is also here but it is much smaller and shallower. On the rocks around this complex can be seen engraved rituals bays, the purpose of which is not determined and proved until now. Similar monuments can be found in other places – such as Asia Minor, Turkey, especially in the region of Smirna. This shows that the whole Eastern Mediterranean – Asia Minor and the Balkans were connected and represented one cultural region, where the ideas were mutual and similar. To the “Deaf Stones” one can start from the village of Malko Gradishte, the name of which also hints for an intensive life in different epochs. Except this cult site, here is also a castle situated near the village. It dates also from the Thracian epoch, before the Slaves to conquer these lands. . Eight kilometers from the village on the road to Ivalovgrad there is a fork, after which you have to travel for about 2 km. Also It can be reached by a car. Near the “Deaf Stones” is situated the peak of St Marina, with which are connected many legends. The St Marina is related with many of the traditions, which come from the ancient times and are accepted by the Bulgarian population.


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