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Kapinovo MonasterySAINT NICOLAS WONDER WORKER KAPINOVO MONASTERY is situated 18 km away from the city of Veliko Tarnovo, near Kapinovo Village and is connected to the fate and blossoming of medieval capital city of Tarnovo. Some scientists consider Tzar Ivan Asen II to be its founder in 1228, others – Tzar Konstantin Asen Tih in 1272. On the apsidal of monastery church – the oldest building in the monastery – there is a script dated with year 1272, which shows that the monastery had already existed than. The other date in this script is 1835. It certifies its renewal after it had been burned out by kurjali in 1789. According to its plan the church is referred to the end of XVII – the beginning of XVIII centuries and repeats the scheme of Arbansi churches: basilica, cylindrical arch, without a dome. XVII-XVIII centuries fragment is preserved in the iconostasis, as well as some icons of 1811 and 1820. The iconostasis repeats Arbanasi iconostases friezes’ peculiarities. Icons of Saint Iliya On A Chariot and 12 hagiographical scenes, Saint Dimitar On A Horse with 12 hagiographical scenes on the iconostasis, as well as the icons of Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, Saint Virgin and Prophets and Christ with Apostles in the narthex are of XVIII century. The rest of the icons on the iconostasis are dated back to 1811 and 1820, according to writings on them. Icons painters Papa Vitan from Tryavna and Ivan Popovich from Elena are their authors. Woodcarving work, bishop’s throne and iconostasis holy gates’ character show they have been made by Tryavna masters. The icons dated back to the second half of XIX century have also been made by Tryavna masters: Simeon Simeonov (John The Baptist) and Tzanyo Zahariev (Virgin Merciful). In open nartica Day of Judgment composition of 1845 created by Elena painter Ivan Popovich is situated. Figures disposition and style features differ from the rest in the region, which makes it very interesting. Monastery buildings are concentrated in the eastern part of the monastery. Two-storey oriel wing was constructed in 1856. The façade in front of the central entrance is decorated with murals where Slav Enlighteners Saints Cyril and Methodius are dominating. On the second floor of the same building Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Chapel is situated. It is a cruciform chamber with high dome on an octagon cylinder. Over the entrance, on western wall church-donors portrait of 1864 is situated, painted as a sign of respect and their memory honor for their big contribution in monastery wing and chapel construction. Painter Alexi Atanasov has made the paintings in the chapel. In the same time Samokov School features are seen there: preference for Bulgarian saints, characters also typical for its representatives, which shows its influence. New Annunciation Chapel is situated on the first floor of the same wing. Icons from Yovkovtzi Village Church are brought there, when the church was to be overflowed by dam lake’s waters. So-called Kapinovski Beadroll of 1700 is the earliest monastery’s monument (preserved now in National Archeological Museum in Sofia). This triptych artistic appearance can be connected to a group of monastery icons of 1735 (preserved now in the city of Elena Fine Arts Gallery), which are the oldest pieces of art made by Tryavna masters working in the region. Bishop Sofronii Vrachanski took holly orders in this monastery. Again in the monastery he made and left his famous copy of Slav-Bulgarian History written by Paisii Hilendarski.


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