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Katina PyramidsKatina village is situated on Southwestern slopes of Sofia Mountain, on both banks of Katina River. The village is mentioned for the first time in 1420, in Turkish Register. Inhabitants have taken part in armed antifascist fight. Saint Spas Church can be seen in the village. There are valuable icons and frescos there. The village is a starting point for a visit to Sofia. Katina Pyramids could be reached through various routs. A city bus can be used from Sofia or a car following the routs of Sofia – Novi Iskar – Katina. Nature walks lovers can take a train to the town of Kostinbrod. Starting in Kostinbrod one can reach Ziten village situated in the Western end of Sofia Valley within 20 min. Dobroslavtzi village is within 40 min. from Ziten. It is situated near Gabrovnitza and Urshak Rivers. Katina village is within 1 hour from Dobroslavtzi. If one follows the rout from Sofia – Novi Iskar on the road leading to Katina village, where Katina River flows, he will mention a deep gorge and a small stream. The Big Gorge is typical for its greenish clays and rusty color sands. There is brown coal found there. Further to the North gorge’s banks obtain copper color and sand pinnacles, deep niches and ribbed draperies appear to the right. This is the first of several groups of Katina Earth Pyramids. Going upwards through the gorge the forms become more and more picturesque. The forth group is especially imposing. There the gorge is becoming wider and deeper. The banks reach 30 meters of height and are almost vertical. Overwhelming figures are made on them: medieval towers, castles, minarets, people and animals. The pyramids are especially beautiful at sundown and on moonlight. Alluvial mountain surface consists of diluvial materials resulting from destroyed crimson red bundsandschtein mantle on Mala Mountain Southern slopes. The Big Gorge and closely connected to it numerous gullies have gradually cut into these materials. The rest was done by natural factors: rains, changeable temperatures and winds. They eroded and destroyed, took away worse soldered fragments. The more steady ones stayed and formed whimsical Katina Earth Pyramids. Almost all the land belonging to the village to the north and to the west is cut in by deep gullies. Their banks are engraved with various fantastic earth pyramids, reaching 4.5 meters of height. Rock hoods protecting them from rain’s direct effect cover some of them. Here the effect of internal earth forces is seen even clearer.


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