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Kaleto Fortress MezdraAfter the barbarian invasion in the middle of 3rd century a fortress was built in the northern part of the town. It called Kale (from Arab kale, meaning a fortress). There are remains from that fortress on the hill nowadays. Some 150 m southwest of the top of the fortress, two segments of a fortress wall and remains from an outer tower have been discovered. The wall was built on the slope of the hill and probably once surrounded it. The construction dates back to the end of 3rd and the beginning of 4th century AD. The hill must have been inhabited for a very long time since ancient finds from the Roman age and the late Middle Aged were discovered in the fortress. When the Ottomans conquered the fortress at the end of 14th century, troops were garrisoned there permanently. Earliest information about the fortress is to be found in the chronicle of the Turkish traveler Neshry who lived at the end of 14th century. The fortress was also marked on the map of Fra Mauro in 1459 with the name Sisco. It was also mentioned in the 14th and 15th century in relation to the marches of the Hungarian King Sigismund in 1396 and Vladislav Varnenchik in 1444. Ample data about the fortress is also found in the essays of the Turkish men of chronicle and travelers at the end of the 17th century Hadji Kalfa and Evliya Chelebi. The town was mentioned again when the Austrian-Turkish Peace Treaty was signed in 1791. The name of the fortress on the hill was last mentioned in relation with the Russian-Turkish War from 1806 till 1812 when a Russian squad conquered the fortress and blew up the citadel. Today, one could see only a few remains from the late antique fortress wall and the citadel.


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