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Belogradchik RocksOne of the unique natural phenomena in the Belogradchik village system is the Belogradchik Rocks. This rocky fairy-tale is spread from west to the east, from Peak Vedernik around Belogradchik, Borovitsa village to Belotintsi village. The region is 30km. long and 3km. wide. The most awesome rocks are around the town-The Madonna, The Monks, The Rider, The Dervish, The Bear, Adam and Eve, Haidout Velko, The Castle, The Little Shepherd, The Mushrooms, The Lion and many others. The second group of rocks is westwards from the town, and the most famous rocks are: Zbegove, Erkjupria, and Borich. These rocks can be approached via well figured road, suitable for vehicles. Giddy abysses and enormous rocks can be seen from here. In the west, a gallery of stone pyramids, similar to the Stobski and the Kutinski in Rila, is revealed. The most interesting stone composition-the Twins, can be seen from here too. Little and Big Zbeg were fortresses used as a natural fortress during different ages, by Byzantine, Bulgarian and Turkish soldiers. Once there were a hundred stairs and some of them can be seen and today. Signal contact with other fortresses from the region was established from the top of Zbegove. Foundations of buildings, walls, pieces of bricks and pottery can be seen around this place. The Zbegove have their name from the refugees from local villages when they searched protection during different invasions. 2km westwards is the rock Borich. This rock was also of strategic significance. At the level of this rock-the tale tells-heroic defenders waged last fight with the Ottoman conqueror. Red blood coloured Borich. Around Zbegove and Borich, there are many single rocks and groups of rocks with the queerest figures and shapes like giant sphinxes, monkey heads, mummies, minarets and domes of mosques, flying dragons, Socrates’ face and many more. About 4 km in the east of the town, is a third group that includes the rocks around the Latin fortress and the Lepinishka cave. The fourth group is spread between the villages-Borovitsa and Falkovets. Here is the famous Pine Stone, the Red Stone, Torlak, the Maid’s Rock. The last group of rocks is situated around the villages Gjurgich and Belotintsi. The Belogradchik Rocks, these amazing stone structures, have been sculptured for 200 million years by nature. At the end of the Paleozoic era there were sediments of sand-marvel rocks, which later were overwhelmed by sea. Great quantity of gravel, sand and clay, dragged down from above by torrential rivers, settled on the bottom of the sea. By and by the dragged materials were soldered with silicon or sandy-clay mixture. Sandstone and conglomerates were formed which due to the ferrous oxide gained red colour. While Stara Planina was folding, this region became dry land. In its highest part, cracks appeared and the destructive work of water, winds and temperature began. This action reached the sandstone. They ruined differently because of their different solidity. The unique Nature-sculptor made one by one-wondrous figures on them. It created various in shape and size stone creations, resembling animal figures, humans’ heads, some of them like jagged by past, rising to more than 100m medieval castles and towers. They can be observed from special observation spots, relaxation spots and ekopaths


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