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BelovoBelovo municipality is situated in the west part of region Pazardzhik. The area of the municipality is 336, 2 square meters. Through the town of Belovo passes the main road to west Europe, through Belgrade and Sofia to Istanbul and the international railway road on the same route, which facilitates the connection of the municipality with other towns and villages. Through Belovo passes the international corridor “ Belomorska Trakia”. The municipality has various natural and geographic peculiarities, as it is situated at the cross point of the three mountains – Rila, The Rhodopes and Sredna Gora and in the Gornotrakiyskata Valley. The climate in Belovo municipality is moderate – continental, and the air and the water clean and fresh. Maritsa River crosses the territory of the municipality in northwest-east direction, as it forms the interesting gorge Momina Klisura between the mountains Rila and Sredna Gora. On the territory of the municipality the Maritsa River accepts the waters of the rivers Yadenitsa, Kriva and Gabrovishka. 2 km away from the town of Belovo is located the biggest in capacity in the country spring “ Toplata Voda- The hot water”. It includes four mineral springs with water of exclusive healing features. Soon there will be opened a modern swimming ,entertaining and recreation complex round the mineral springs. The hydro-electric complex “ Belmeken- Sestrimo- Chaira”, situated on the territory of Belovo Municipality is the biggest in our country. The waters of Belmeken Dam secure the proper work of all WEC and Pump Accumulating WEC in the hydro electrical complex. Still under construction are Yadenitsa Dam and Pump Accumulating WEC Yadenitsa. The biggest treasure of the municipality is the forest of 186 thousand square decares. The most common tree species are beech trees, spruce, white pine , winter oak and fir-trees. The forest of Belovo municipality is not only rich in various kinds of herbs, but also wild mushrooms and forest berries. On the territory of the forest exist some protected species – part of the Rila National Park. Unique for the municipality is the fact that from 300-400 meters altitudes , going along a road for only about 30 kilometers you reach the altitude of 1900-2000meters. Around Belovo the human civilization has settled far in the Neolithic times. The most famous archeological sight is St. Spas Complex, which was built in the 5th -6th century, and consists of a fortress and a basilica from the 4th century, famous as Belovsktata Basilica. Large interest for the cultural and historical heritage of the Belovo region is the Village of Golyamo Belovo, where most of the houses are constructed at the time of the Revival Period. More than 50 of them are pronounced cultural monuments. In the center of the village there is one of the oldest churches on the Balkan Peninsula- 200 years old St. George Church, with its unique iconostasis , wood-carvings and iconography, in its yard is located the rocky monastery from the time after the fall under the Ottoman Yoke. In the municipality , there are 8 churches, 6 chapels and the first cell school. Our rich cultural and historical heritage suggests and offers conditions for development of tourism in the area. Our municipality develops , but it also has some unused possibilities and resources for the development of Belovo region as a resort and tourist area. We have some complexes in the areas “ Livada Bachia”, “ Chapaevi Koti”, village complex “ Chaira” , “ Yadenitsa “ a villa with breeding ponds, “ Toplata voda” – a swimming pool and recreation complex, there are also great possibilities for projecting tourist base and for developing echo tourism at “Belmeken” and “ Kurtovo” . By this time the possibilities of these extremely rich and beautiful nature areas are not used in their full capacity and not enough advertised as places for relaxation and tourism/ echo-, hunting-fishing and horse tourism/. The ambition of the new management of the municipality , in the personality of the Major Mr. Kuzman Marinkov , is to create conditions and offer possibilities for the development of the tourism , for the creation of pleasant and attractive relaxation zones, recreation and entertainment areas on the territory of the municipality. All these will be well promoted through the participation in European programs, through the resources from which we can built up a good tourist infrastructure. We work on the preparation of projects on the Program for development of the village regions 2007-2013: “ Encouraging the tourist activities” and “ Restoring and development of the inhabited areas”.


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