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NessebarThe town of Nessebar is one of the most visited Bulgarian resorts. It is situated on the coast of the Black Sea and on the rocky Nessebar peninsula, picturesquely jut into the sea. It is situated 38 kilometers to the North-East of the city of Burgas and about 100 kilometers to the South of the city of Varna. Its marvelous beaches are preferred because of the finest sand on our Black Sea coast, the romantic dunes and the cool greenery along the coast. Nessebar is one of the oldest European towns. Settled by Dorians, sent from Megara together with a considerable number of colonists, the town was founded under the name of Mesimvria. Other Greek cities are not known to have participated together with Megara in this undertaking. The town became one of the two most powerful towns in the region of Pirgoski bay and reserved its statute during the whole period of the Antiquity, when, because of its fight with Apolonia for predominance in the Pirgoski bay, it was not able to settle its colonies in the bay itself, and it was forced to direct its colonists towards the innner parts of Thrace, settling the town of Eetos (today the town of Aytos), and according to some scientists, the town of Diampolis (today the town of Yambol). The town of Apolonia even managed to block the access of the Mesimvriotians to the bay with the establishment of their colonies Anhialos (today’s town of Pomorie) and Pirgos (today’s town of Burgas). This period of fighting ended up with the conquering of the region by the Romans. During the whole period of the Antiquity, the Roman and the following Byzantine rule, the town developed and amassed wealth, still remarkable today, in spite of the experienced dark centuries. The Bulgarian kings from the first and the second Bulgarian state gave the city a vast sovereignty and never interfered directly in its affairs, as from that time till its joining the third Bulgarian state it had oligarch and democratic government, either by the wealthy citizens, who were obliged to contribute for the development of the community, or by the town council, elected by the demos. When the Bulgarian rulers were involved in, they acted as founders of churches or donators and benefactors of the town. The Byzantine government in its nature was the same, as towards all conquerors the town executed honestly its financial obligations to the fix. The town of Nessebar was declared architecture and archeological reserve in 1956; in 1983 the culture monuments in the town are added to the UNESCO list of world culture heritage. Nowadays, after the democratization of the state, the town is able to easily develop its culture and richness in the occurred revival period.


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