Aladzha Rock Monastery Print
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ladja_rock_monastery.jpgIt is 4 km northwest of Zlatni Pyassutsi [Golden Sands] and 12 km northeast of Vrana, in the bounds of the Zlatni Pyassutsi Nature Park. It was founded during the 13th century in caves into the rocks, used as far back as during the 4th-6th centuries by hermits and monastic societies. It operated until the 18th century. The monastery naturally fits in the mosaic of rocks, trees and bushes. About 20 m above ground, dug into the rocks, the surviving parts can be seen to this day of premises, monks’ sells and a chapel, where medieval mural paintings from the 14th century have been partially preserved. There is a kind of a museum with the monastery, presenting scale models, sketches and photos connected with its history. A permanent exhibition of Medieval Mural Paintings from the 13th-16th Centuries (copies) is also open.