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Pomorie TombsIt is located 4 km west of Pomorie in the Kouhata Mogila [Empty Mound] locality. Evropa Camping Site may be used as an orientation point, as the road leading to that locality is opposite it. Entry to the domed tomb is gained through a vaulted corridor, 22 m long, with two quadrangular premises on both its sides. The tomb itself is a round premise with a diameter of 11.5 m. Rising in the centre is a cylindrical hollow column (with a diameter of 3.3 m), which gradually widens to the ceiling, turns into a dome and fuses with the round wall of the tomb. In this way it has the appearance of a ring-shaped corridor, 5.5 m high. Five niches have been made in the wall. The original shape and the brick mushroom-like structure of the Pomorie Tomb make it a unique sample of mausoleum architecture from the late Antiquity in the Bulgarian lands. Elements of the architecture of the old Thracian domed tombs can also be discerned.