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Rogozen treasureThis is the largest Thracian treasure, found so far in the Bulgarian lands dating back to 5th-4th century B.C. It includes 165 vessels with a total weight of around 20 kg and is made of high grade silver, with additionally engraved or stuck gold sheets on 31 of the vessels. The objects are elaborately decorated. The abundance of exquisite leaves, lotus flowers and twigs is combined with most varied representatives of the animal world: from realistically presented birds and dogs to fantastic images of griffons (winged monsters with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle), Pegasuses (winged horses) and other strange beings. Particularly intriguing is the decoration in relief, showing mythological themes, and giving an idea about the views of people living in that time. The Rogozen treasure was unearthed in 1985 in the village of Rogozen, Vratsa region.