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StaroselIt is located near the village of Starosel, about 20 km west of Hissarya. The lands of Starosel are exceptionally rich in archaeological monuments. So far, several temples under mounds, and scores of embankment mounds have been unearthed. Remains of rich royal tombs, rock sanctuaries and other finds have come to light. During the excavations and investigations, carried out in 2000 and 2002, major discoveries were made, referred to the 5th-4th century B.C. A grand Thracian temple came to light in the Chetinyova Mogila mound, where religious ceremonies had been performed, most probably associated with the cult for the Mother-Goddess and her son – the Sun, and with Orpheus. Highly interesting is also the temple in the Horizont mound. This is the only temple, unearthed so far in Thrace with a colonnade (10 columns were found). The temples and the rich tombs around are testimony of the high standards of Thracian architecture under the mounds and of the artistic achievements of Thracian culture, generally. The cult centre of Starosel can be visited by tourists; tourist guides and printed leaflets are available, while the village of Starosel offers sleeping accommodations and facilities for stay.