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Magura CaveThe Magura cave is located in Northwestern Bulgaria, just 17 km from the town of Belogradchik. It is one of the longest caves in the country - the total length of uncovered passages is over 2500 m. It consists of one main gallery, pointing southeast-northwest and three side passageways. The cave-chambers are quite spacious. Each of them is over 200 m long, more than 50 m wide and over 20 m high. Walking through these galleries you will see a display of marvelous formations - stalactites, stalagmites, stalctones, cave pearls, cave milkway. Some of them are impressive both with their beauty and size. "The Big Stalactone" is over 20m high and has a diameter of 4m at its base. "The Fallen Pine" is the biggest stalagmite in all Bulgarian caves explored till now. It is over 11m long and has a diameter of 6m at its base. Geological analysis show that the formation of the Magura cave started 15 million years ago. In fact, in one of the halls were discovered unique pre-historical drawings carved into the stone and painted with bat guano. The painted figures represent dancing women, dancing and hunting men, disguised men, large variety of animals, the Sun, other stars, instruments of labour, plants etc. The drawing date from different epochs - The Epupaleolith, The Neolith, The Eneolith, the beginning of The Early Bronze Age. The Solar calendar from The Late Eneolith and some later additions, made during The Early Bronze age are quite accurate. Through pictures information about religous events and feasts along with their symbols and particular meanings were saved.