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Bukelon FortressMatochina Village is situated near Bulgarian-Turkish border, on Tundja River bank. At village’s northern end there is a hill reachable from the village. Only traces are rest now from a barrage wall. Up the hill, 50 m away from the wall Bukelon Fortress is situated being the closest guard of the city of Odrin from the north. The fortress encircling hill’s top is about 65 meters wide and 150 meters long. Best preserved are the defense tower near the entrance, and a piece of double fortress wall near the door. The tower and the walls are made out of stones and belts of 4 layers of bricks soldered with white mortar each. The tower had three big floors. Embrasures were situated all aver the tower and wooden stairs were used to reach them. The fortress was constructed during Roman epoch. In 387 near Bukelon a big battle between Emperor Valent’s troops and the Goths was held. It ended up in total defeat of Roman army and the Emperor perished in the battle. The fortress was used and reconstructed during the centuries. There is a brick monogram belonging to its owner of XII century, built in over the entrance. On 14. 04. 1205 Bulgarian troops leaded by Tzar Kaloyan defeated Knights Army of the Latins' and caught prisoner their Emperor Baldwin of Flanders nearby the fortress at Matochina. Imprisoned emperor was brought to Bulgarian capital at that time, the city of Tarnovo, where he died in 1206.