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Bourgas BathsThis is a balneology treatment and mud-treatment resort of national importance. It is located about 17 km northwest of Bourgas in the midst of a big park. The mineral water has a temperature of 41C, a total flow of 36 l per second and has a fine taste for drinking. It is suitable for the treatment of diseases of the loco-motor system, the nervous system, of gynecological diseases, states following bone fractures, and aftereffects of traumas. A balneology and physiological treatment centre and a resort polyclinics have been appointed; there are sources of drinking water, a beach with hydrothermal pools, sanatoria and holiday houses, private accommodations Noteworthy: The curative properties of the baths had been widely known far back in Antiquity, when the settlement, called Aqua Calidae, had actually been the first station on the Roman road from Aetos (Aitos) to Kabile (next to Yambol). Later on Byzantine chroniclers and medieval travelers and geographers wrote with admiration about its curative springs.