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Ropotamo riverThe valley of the Ropotamo River offers an unforgettable experience, regardless of whether you are on board a small ship in the river or are walking along its banks. The fairy tale dense forests of Ropotamo, in its lower reaches, are amazing by their lavish magnificence. There is an incredible combination of lush vegetation, slow flowing waters and rock formations. The reserves of Vodna Liliya [Water Lily] and Ropotamo have been established for the preservation of the dense forest, the white water lily, the rare winding plants and the endangered animal species living in the region. Most frequented are: the Arkoutino swamp lagoon, separated from the Arkoutino Bay by a narrow strip of coastland, and the Ropotamo firth, overgrown with rushes, bulrush and water lilies. For its watchers, a special bridge and a platform have been built.