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Bansko-all-season resortBansko is the the newest Bulgarian all-season resort, recently discovered by the foreign tourists. Bansko provides an interesting combination between the virgin nature of Pirin Mountain and the atmosphere of the ancient Bulgarian town. The town of Bansko is situated in Southwestern Bulgaria, at the foothills of one of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountains - Pirin, which is a national preserve, included in the WORLD NATURAL HERITAGE list. It is a ski-resort of national significance, much visited also in summer as a starting point for excursions in the mountain and various activities. Surrounded by the Pirin, Rila and Rhodopi mountains, Bansko is a climatic mountain resort with a short hot summer and long mild winter. The average temperature during January, the coldest month, is - 1.9ÀC. Snow falls are abundant, providing a constant winter snow cover up to 2 m thick. The skiing season along the Pirin slopes starts in the middle of December and ends in mid-April. During the spring and summer Bansko is one of the best resorts to be due to its various mid and upper-class hotels offering exclusive spa centers, diverse tours with an abundance of the sights located around the town. The holidays here are unforgettable and do not depend on seasonality.