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Bulgaria at a glance - Official symbols

The national flag of the Republic of Bulgaria is in three colours: white, green and red bands, following horizontally from top to bottom. A legend associates the origin of these three colours with the colour symbols of the Old Bulgarian Army. Its left wing was set apart by white strips on the spears, the right one 's by red, while arranged in the centre were the elite troops with a green strip, the traditional colour of the ruler. The three-colour flag had first been used by the First Bulgarian Legion of Georgi Raklovski (1861). By force of the Turnovo Constitution (1879), the three-colour flag - white, green and red, was confirmed as Bulgaria's national flag.


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The coat-of-arms of the Republic of Bulgaria is a rampant gold crowned lion against a dark-red background in the form of a shield. Above the shield there is a big crown, whose original shape was that of the crowns of medieval Bulgarian rulers, with five crosses and one other cross, separately, over the crown itself. The shield is supported by two golden crowned rampant lions, facing the shield from the left and right heraldic side. They are standing on two crossed oak tree twigs with acorns. Inscribed in golden letters onto a white strip with a three-colour edging, placed under the shield across the ends of the oak twigs, is Unity makes power.


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Anthem of the republic of Bulgaria Proud Stara Planina Mountain, Blue Danube river by its side, Sun shining over Thrace, Over Mount Pirin in a fiery way. Beloved Homeland, You are a paradise on earth, Your beauty, your magic, Oh, they have no end! MP3 example

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