FLYBOARDING in the Black Sea Print
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Duration: 15 minutes

Departure dates 2017/2018: Every Day, June - September

Price: 97 /adult

TO BE FISH AND BIRD AT THE SAME TIME. Fly 1-10 meters over the water like a dolphin aand then dive in!


Flyboarding is one of the most spectacular water sports and is a hit among marine entertainment. Try to elevate 10 meters above the water. The flyboard attaches to the feet, through specially designed for this footwear. The drive is carried out thanks to powerful water thrust provided by the engines of the jet . No special skills are needed. Suitable for people over 35 kg and below 120 kg.

Flyboarding is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular water sports to which every lover of extremes could take.

Not accidentally, for a third consecutive year this adventure is Number 1 in marine entertainment.

Words are not enough, it's best to be experienced by the self!


What`s included:

 The necessary equipment - helmet, gloves and safety vest
 Preliminary briefing
 15 minutes flyboarding
 Experienced staff who is always by your side to help out


What`s not included:

Food and drinks